Country Engagement | The Farm | Emilee & Matt

They met through a mutual friend from college who invited them out to ski one weekend at Labrador Mountain over four years ago. ¬†He noticed her blonde braided hair and bright red snow pants, and she noticed his “fancy moves” on the slopes (Emilee says she thinks he was showing off for her ūüôā – not sure if he admits it ūüėČ ) After the trip they connected via Facebook and kept in touch, they planned another trip skiing with both of their best friends. ¬†When Emilee’s friend had to cancel, Matt told his friend (and soon to be Best Man) that he wasn’t able to come ūüôā ‚̧ So this turned into their first date! ¬†Dollar taco’s and two Dollar Margaritas a few days after Valentines Day, is now a yearly tradition! ‚̧ ¬†Since that night they talked every day and in August they will become husband and wife!

Emilee and Matt share a love for the outdoors, hiking, skiing, four wheeling etc! ¬†When they first started dating Matt would take Emilee for a four wheeler ride to see the sunset ‚̧ and it became something they would do together often so we had to incorporate that in their engagement! ¬†I had so much fun with y’all at The Farm! ¬†Thank you for choosing us to document this moment in your lives! We cannot wait for your wedding day!! ‚̧

“I love her fun, crazy energy and that she always wants to do something. Emilee always sees the good in people, and always does things to make others happy. She makes me want to be a better person” ~Matt

I love his motivation to be better in everything he does.¬†I love that I can be myself around him (I can be dressy or in barn boots, I can be nerdy and “cool”, he let’s me watch Christmas movies on November 1st just because he knows it makes me happy) and he still loves me despite my flaws” ~Emilee ‚̧ ‚̧¬†

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Cylinda B

Syracuse Engagement | The Farm | Sean & Brianna

She was out for her birthday with her sisters, sent on a “scavenger hunt” by Sean going to three different locations to celebrate! ¬†They ended at Kelly’s Bar & Restaurant¬†where Sean was awaiting Brianna’s¬†arrival. ¬†She entered Kelly’s to find Sean standing there, he got down on a knee and asked her to be his wife!! ¬†He had arranged all of their family and friends to be upstairs to celebrate right after…”So thankfully she said YES!” Sean says ūüôā ¬†Love how much thought and preparation he put into his proposal, so sweet!

The evening was filled with laughter with these two at The Farm last week for their engagement session! ¬†Thank you both for coming out, I loved getting to know you more and cannot wait to witness y’all say I DO! ‚̧ Here are a few moments captured from your¬†session.

We had to include their fur baby for a few shots…

They genuinely make each other so happy, just loved how much fun they have together.  

‚̧ ‚̧ ‚̧

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Skaneateles Lake Engagement | Lauren & Jeff

He first noticed her infectious smile and she loved his sense of humor the day they met through mutual friends, 5 years ago.   On December 3rd after finding that perfect Christmas tree Jeff got down on one knee and asked Lauren to be his wife and they will say I DO come October!!

I fell in love with this proposal as this too is has been an¬†annual tradition of my husband and I’s! ¬†I knew from the moment I met these two that I had to be a part of documenting their love story!! They truly are best friends, they share so many of the same interest, have a love for traveling, snowmobiling, golf, family/friends, camping and most of all a beautiful love for each other.

What a beautiful way to start my Spring engagement season at Skaneateles Lake. ¬† Here are a few moments captured from their engagement session! ‚̧ Thank you so much for having us be a part of your love and marriage! ‚̧ Cylinda B

Skaneateles Lake Engagement, Skaneateles Engagement, Syracuse, Wedding, Photography, Engagement, Photos, Cylinda B Photography, 7Skaneateles Lake Engagement, Skaneateles Engagement, Syracuse, Wedding, Photography, Engagement, Photos, Cylinda B Photography Skaneateles Lake Engagement, Skaneateles Engagement, Syracuse, Wedding, Photography, Engagement, Photos, Cylinda B Photography-2

“I love that he is super motivated and passionate, his personality is one of a kind and he makes me feel like the luckiest girl in the world with his thoughtfulness” ~LaurenSkaneateles Lake Engagement, Skaneateles Engagement, Syracuse, Wedding, Photography, Engagement, Photos, Cylinda B Photography, 4

Love how much they make each other laugh!! ‚̧¬†Skaneateles Lake Engagement, Skaneateles Engagement, Syracuse, Wedding, Photography, Engagement, Photos, Cylinda B Photography, 5

“I love that she is always willing to help others before herself, she’s so lovable and we share a lot of commonalities.” ~JeffSkaneateles Lake Engagement, Skaneateles Engagement, Syracuse, Wedding, Photography, Engagement, Photos, Cylinda B Photography, 6 Skaneateles Lake Engagement, Skaneateles Engagement, Syracuse, Wedding, Photography, Engagement, Photos, Cylinda B Photography, 3

‚̧ ‚̧¬†Skaneateles Lake Engagement, Skaneateles Engagement, Syracuse, Wedding, Photography, Engagement, Photos, Cylinda B Photography, 8

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Village of Baldwinsville Engagement | Melissa & Jerryl

On November 5, ¬†2011 they both were at a collage party. ¬†He¬†spotted her¬†from across the room and knew he had to talk to her but couldn’t get up the nerve right away.¬†¬†However,¬†with some encouragement from friends Jerryl worked up the courage to introduce himself to Melissa, the girl with a¬†smile he noticed immediately, the girl he had to meet. ¬†A casual pizza date, with hours of conversation later they connected and¬†their relationship began.

Just over five years later on December 22, 2016, it was a wintery day in NYC, all the storefronts¬†were decorated for the holidays and the city was lit with millions of lights. ¬†They walked hand in hand through Central Park talking about their upcoming years aspirations, goals, and talked about¬†doing a bucket list. ¬†Sitting on a bench in Central Park Jerryl then told Melissa that¬†wherever they may travel or anything they will¬†do in life that he wants to always do it together. ¬†He got up off that bench and down on one knee and asked her to marry him!! ‚̧ ‚̧

Isn’t that just a sweet sweet love story? I am so excited to have a small part in telling it for these two genuine, loving souls. ¬†The morning of their engagement session was filled with laughter, joy, and love. ¬†I thought it was fitting to start it off with a walk through the park to reminisce that day in Central Park ‚̧

Thank you so much for choosing us to be a part of this new adventure in your lives! Here are a few moments captured! xo Cylinda
baldwinsville-engagement-red-mill-inn-syracuse-engagement-photos-cylinda-b-photography-1 baldwinsville-engagement-red-mill-inn-syracuse-engagement-photos-cylinda-b-photography-5

“I love her smile, patience, and how she’s goofy with me. I love how she is always looking towards the future and how she puts things into perspective.” ~Jerrylbaldwinsville-engagement-red-mill-inn-syracuse-engagement-photos-cylinda-b-photography-2 baldwinsville-engagement-red-mill-inn-syracuse-engagement-photos-cylinda-b-photography-3 baldwinsville-engagement-red-mill-inn-syracuse-engagement-photos-cylinda-b-photography-4

“Jerryl is truly my best friend. He makes me laugh on my hardest days and loves me unconditionally. He has a big heart and would do anything to make me happy. I love his determination and perseverance.” ~Melissabaldwinsville-engagement-red-mill-inn-syracuse-engagement-photos-cylinda-b-photography-6 baldwinsville-engagement-red-mill-inn-syracuse-engagement-photos-cylinda-b-photography-7baldwinsville-engagement-red-mill-inn-syracuse-engagement-photos-cylinda-b-photography-20 baldwinsville-engagement-red-mill-inn-syracuse-engagement-photos-cylinda-b-photography-9 baldwinsville-engagement-red-mill-inn-syracuse-engagement-photos-cylinda-b-photography-8 baldwinsville-engagement-red-mill-inn-syracuse-engagement-photos-cylinda-b-photography-10

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A Syracuse Winter Engagement | The Farm | Ashley & David

They sat in the same room in their 10th grade biology class, then next to each other in study hall their senior year of high school but¬†they were just acquaintances. They had no idea that they were each others soulmate. ¬†A few years later they ended up traveling together to his¬†camp together (talk about fate!! ‚̧ ) with a mutual friend Ashley met in college. This would be the weekend they noticed each other outside of an acquaintance, this would be the weekend they would give in to fate, 3rd times a charm! ūüôā¬†¬†This year Ashley & David¬†will become man and wife and live life’s journey together forever and we couldn’t be more excited to see them say I DO.

I cannot express how much fun it was to get to know you two!  The way you both  look at each other and bring joy to each other, and the way you love each other is absolutely beautiful to see and document!  Here are some moments captured, hope you love them and I cannot wait until your wedding day!

xo Cylinda
syracuse-engagement-winter-engagement-photography-photo-cylinda-b-photography-syracuse-wedding-photography-the-farm-1 syracuse-engagement-winter-engagement-photography-photo-cylinda-b-photography-syracuse-wedding-photography-the-farm-2 syracuse-engagement-winter-engagement-photography-photo-cylinda-b-photography-syracuse-wedding-photography-the-farm-3 syracuse-engagement-winter-engagement-photography-photo-cylinda-b-photography-syracuse-wedding-photography-the-farm-4

“I love his sense of humor; he’s charming and he can make anyone smile and I’m very envious of that. I love that he’s good-natured, he truly appreciates and loves everyone. I love how hardworking he is and always has a million ideas on what to do next. ” ~Ashleysyracuse-engagement-winter-engagement-photography-photo-cylinda-b-photography-syracuse-wedding-photography-the-farm-5 syracuse-engagement-winter-engagement-photography-photo-cylinda-b-photography-syracuse-wedding-photography-the-farm-6 syracuse-engagement-winter-engagement-photography-photo-cylinda-b-photography-syracuse-wedding-photography-the-farm-8

“I love her smile & and her late laugh (she laughs at things later than everyone else, like when they’ve already finished laughing she starts laughing). I love that how hardworking she is and that she’s caring and loves her patients.” ~Davidsyracuse-engagement-winter-engagement-photography-photo-cylinda-b-photography-syracuse-wedding-photography-the-farm-7 syracuse-engagement-winter-engagement-photography-photo-cylinda-b-photography-syracuse-wedding-photography-the-farm-9 syracuse-engagement-winter-engagement-photography-photo-cylinda-b-photography-syracuse-wedding-photography-the-farm-10 syracuse-engagement-winter-engagement-photography-photo-cylinda-b-photography-syracuse-wedding-photography-the-farm-12 syracuse-engagement-winter-engagement-photography-photo-cylinda-b-photography-syracuse-wedding-photography-the-farm-11 syracuse-engagement-winter-engagement-photography-photo-cylinda-b-photography-syracuse-wedding-photography-the-farm-15 syracuse-engagement-winter-engagement-photography-photo-cylinda-b-photography-syracuse-wedding-photography-the-farm-14 syracuse-engagement-winter-engagement-photography-photo-cylinda-b-photography-syracuse-wedding-photography-the-farm-13

I hope everyone has a Happy Valentines Day with your¬†sweeties this weekend! ‚̧ Thank you so much for visiting.

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Syracuse Engagement | The Farm | Jamie & Michael

Over six years ago Michael was shown a photo of Jamie by a friend and he immediately wanted to meet her. ¬†Shortly after through mutual friends they were introduced and Jamie noticed Michael’s fun and inviting personality, “and his dance moves were hard to miss.” ūüôā

In 2015 they got engaged in Cape Cod and this year they will become man and wife in front of their sweet baby girls, family, and friends!

What a picture perfect snow day for their engagement session at The Farm! ¬†I loved getting to know y’all more and seeing the love and joy you bring to each other. ¬†We cannot wait until the fall! ‚̧ Cylinda B

syracuse-engagement-outdoor-farm-engagement-syracuse-wedding-photographer-4 syracuse-engagement-outdoor-farm-engagement-syracuse-wedding-photographer-1 syracuse-engagement-outdoor-farm-engagement-syracuse-wedding-photographer-5 syracuse-engagement-outdoor-farm-engagement-syracuse-wedding-photographer-6 syracuse-engagement-outdoor-farm-engagement-syracuse-wedding-photographer-3

“It’s hard to just pick one thing that I love the most about him,¬†I love his goofyness and his ability to always¬†to make me laugh.¬†His commitment to his career, his strength & bravery. And most of all his love for his daughters is beyond amazing and makes me love him even more” ~ Jamiesyracuse-engagement-outdoor-farm-engagement-syracuse-wedding-photographer-7 syracuse-engagement-outdoor-farm-engagement-syracuse-wedding-photographer-2

“Jamie has the biggest heart I have ever known and has always gone beyond her means to make family and/or friends feel like they are the only person in the world that matters. This comes effortlessly to her and the love she has shown me since the day we met is genuine and has no limits” ~ Michaelsyracuse-engagement-outdoor-farm-engagement-syracuse-wedding-photographer-8

I try to grab¬†what I call a Desk Photo of the bride and groom to be. ¬†A nice casual photo of each of them they can have for their desk/wallet etc. I showed this photo to Michael and he said wow, beautiful. ‚̧ ‚̧ She will be a beautiful bride!syracuse-engagement-outdoor-farm-engagement-syracuse-wedding-photographer-12 syracuse-engagement-outdoor-farm-engagement-syracuse-wedding-photographer-11 syracuse-engagement-outdoor-farm-engagement-syracuse-wedding-photographer-14Thank you so much for visiting! Feel free to share love to the beautiful couple in reply box above or below post! Head over to our Facebook Page or Instagram and follow us to see their wedding day!


Cylinda B

A Skaneateles Engagement | Jill & Doug

They were both excited to watch their best friend from high school get married 3 years ago but had no idea what the day would bring to their own lives. ¬†They arrived at the rehearsal, Jill to stand by her best friend from High School and Doug to stand up for his and were paired up to walk down the aisle together, this ¬†was the moment they started their life together! This sounds like a movie, doesn’t it?! Such a beautiful meet cute!

The best referrals are those from friends and amazing clients. ¬†The moment these two walked through my door I knew they were absolutely wonderful, filled with love for one another and that I would be honored to document their wedding day. Their¬†engagement was so much fun, filled with love, happiness, and joy everything I felt at our¬†first meeting and I am so excited to see them say I do next year!! Thank you so much for referring me, Adam & Lindsay! ‚̧

skaneateles-engagement-the-lodge-at-welch-allyn-skaneateles-lake-cylinda-b-photography-engagement-7 skaneateles-engagement-the-lodge-at-welch-allyn-skaneateles-lake-cylinda-b-photography-engagement-1

“He immediately made me feel comfortable, it was an instant¬†connection and I loved how I could be my silly self with him” ~Jill

“The first thing I noticed about Jill was how beautiful she is,¬†inside and out” ~Doug

Love how these two look at each other, can feel their love the entire¬†session! ‚̧skaneateles-engagement-the-lodge-at-welch-allyn-skaneateles-lake-cylinda-b-photography-engagement-4
skaneateles-engagement-the-lodge-at-welch-allyn-skaneateles-lake-cylinda-b-photography-engagement-3 skaneateles-engagement-the-lodge-at-welch-allyn-skaneateles-lake-cylinda-b-photography-engagement-5

Jill and Doug were engaged at a winery, they enjoyed a glass of wine from the bottle they got the day he asked her to be his wife! ‚̧¬†skaneateles-engagement-the-lodge-at-welch-allyn-skaneateles-lake-cylinda-b-photography-engagement-6 skaneateles-engagement-the-lodge-at-welch-allyn-skaneateles-lake-cylinda-b-photography-engagement-8

Pure happiness! ‚̧¬†skaneateles-engagement-the-lodge-at-welch-allyn-skaneateles-lake-cylinda-b-photography-engagement-10 skaneateles-engagement-the-lodge-at-welch-allyn-skaneateles-lake-cylinda-b-photography-engagement-11

I absolutely loved getting to know y’all and look forward to getting to know you both more over the next 8 months! Cannot wait until August!


Cylinda B