Country Engagement | The Farm | Emilee & Matt

They met through a mutual friend from college who invited them out to ski one weekend at Labrador Mountain over four years ago. ¬†He noticed her blonde braided hair and bright red snow pants, and she noticed his “fancy moves” on the slopes (Emilee says she thinks he was showing off for her ūüôā – not sure if he admits it ūüėČ ) After the trip they connected via Facebook and kept in touch, they planned another trip skiing with both of their best friends. ¬†When Emilee’s friend had to cancel, Matt told his friend (and soon to be Best Man) that he wasn’t able to come ūüôā ‚̧ So this turned into their first date! ¬†Dollar taco’s and two Dollar Margaritas a few days after Valentines Day, is now a yearly tradition! ‚̧ ¬†Since that night they talked every day and in August they will become husband and wife!

Emilee and Matt share a love for the outdoors, hiking, skiing, four wheeling etc! ¬†When they first started dating Matt would take Emilee for a four wheeler ride to see the sunset ‚̧ and it became something they would do together often so we had to incorporate that in their engagement! ¬†I had so much fun with y’all at The Farm! ¬†Thank you for choosing us to document this moment in your lives! We cannot wait for your wedding day!! ‚̧

“I love her fun, crazy energy and that she always wants to do something. Emilee always sees the good in people, and always does things to make others happy. She makes me want to be a better person” ~Matt

I love his motivation to be better in everything he does.¬†I love that I can be myself around him (I can be dressy or in barn boots, I can be nerdy and “cool”, he let’s me watch Christmas movies on November 1st just because he knows it makes me happy) and he still loves me despite my flaws” ~Emilee ‚̧ ‚̧¬†

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A Country Engagement | Ashley + Henry

They were visiting Niagara Falls on a brisk day in Buffalo, NY with some friends. ¬†¬†After dinner they all decided to go see the falls lit up at night and while everyone got their cameras (phones ūüôā ) out Ashley decided to do the same to capture this beautiful scene. ¬†However, when she turned back around Henry was on his knee and he proposed to her!! What a beautiful scene to be in while getting proposed to!!¬†On a side note if you¬†haven’t visited¬†Niagara Falls you need to put this on your list of things to see, it is absolutely gorgeous and only a few hours away!

What a fun day getting to know these two! We started the session at her friends farm and went down the road and got to see where their wedding day will be.  I just loved hearing their plans and excitement for the day they will become Man and Wife! I am so excite for 2016! I am blessed with so many amazing couples!

Country Engagement, photo, Syracuse photographer-6 Country Engagement, photo, Syracuse photographer-4

Adorable!Country Engagement, photo, Syracuse photographer-3 Country Engagement, photo, Syracuse photographer-14 Country Engagement, photo, Syracuse photographer-7 Country Engagement, photo, Syracuse photographer-11 Country Engagement, photo, Syracuse photographer-12 Country Engagement, photo, Syracuse photographer-16

A perfect day!
Country Engagement, photo, Syracuse photographer-2 Country Engagement, photo, Syracuse photographer-10

Love grabbing those desk photos! I had the last few couples purchase the ones of their sweeties for work and it just made my heart so happy! ¬†Ashley looks so much like her awesome, beautiful, Mother here! ‚̧Country Engagement, photo, Syracuse photographer-13 Country Engagement, photo, Syracuse photographer-15

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