Turning Stone Casino Wedding | Verona, NY | Jill & Doug

Jill & Doug got married two weeks ago at Turning Stone Casino and Resort and their day was perfect, it even rained at the right moments!!  Alone these two smile, but together their smiles triple.  Looking through moments captured throughout their day happiness filled my heart seeing how happy they make each other, they truly light each other up and it is captured throughout the day!  We couldn’t feel more honored that they chose us to document the day they vowed to spend the rest of their lives together and we cannot wait to see what your future brings.

Thank you so much for having us be a part of today! We hope you love some of the beautiful memories captured ❤ Love and appreciation. Cylinda & Chelsea

One of my favorite moments of today.  Doug reacts to Jill’s letter when he opened it, and the first line of Jill’s letter is noting what his initial reaction would be and he laughed so happily, we all did!  What an amazing thing to witness, a true example on how well two people know each other. I have the most beautiful brides! ❤  I am loving these first looks this year and becoming an advocate of them!! A wedding day is planned for 1 plus years and is over with a blink of an eye, moments and hours a blu.  The first look gives couples time to enjoy together before the craziness of day begins and gives us (as photographers) beautiful moments to capture. I mean look at the excitement on Jill’s face as she approaches Doug! Joy! Romance!Happiness! Cuteness!
Group HUG!! ❤  Another FUN wedding party!
One of my favorite moments from weddings!  The extreme JOY seconds after becoming man and wife! ❤
Not sure if they realized I was stalking them after the ceremony and got to capture this sweet moments!Jill and Doug holding their parents wedding photos then all the happy couples together ❤ The night before at rehearsal Jill & Doug shocked everyone with their surprise officiant, her Uncle Pat!  ❤ Love this moment I stuck around to grab ❤ So many sweet candid moments from today! ❤ God planned for Jill & Doug to spend life together a long, long, long time ago and Kim & Nick’s marriage played the part in the beginning of Jill & Doug’s love story.  Jill’s best friend Kim from high school and Doug’s best friend, Nick from high school were dating and when they got married they paired them up at their wedding to walk down the aisle together almost 4 years ago.  They knew they would hit it off! They played slideshows from their childhoods, love the reaction of Doug here. Don’t worry Chelsea and I, basically new Moms of Sons were balling too!  We hope that our boys will find a beautiful, kind hearted, loving wife like you have ❤    Beautiful speeches!
Another beautiful moment ❤ Do you remember Lindsay & Adam from last year!?!?  So amazing seeing them!! ❤  So talk about down pour rain at the perfect time!?! Thank you Chelsea for amazingly getting soaked so we could catch the down pour before the umbrella arrived from the awesome staff!!!  Why everyone should want a little bit of rain on their wedding day ❤

Thank you so much for visiting and big thank you to everyone who helped make their day so great!

A Genesee Grande Wedding | Syracuse, NY | Jon & Sarah

I love when weddings are so beautiful and love stories are so perfect that they make me cry tears of happiness for the couples and the joining of their sweet families. I cannot tell you how many times I teared up at Jon & Sarah’s wedding last Saturday at The Genesee Grande.  The day was filled with beautiful moments, touching speeches, personal touches, and just PURE JOY .  These two have been together since their freshman year in college about 7.5 years ago and have experienced so many life moments together and it was absolutely amazing to see their excitement and happiness and love for one another throughout their entire day as they became husband and wife!

Thank you both so much for having us be a part of your beautiful wedding day!! We loved every moment and cannot be more grateful you chose us.  So much love and appreciation for y’all!!  We wish you so many amazing years of continued happiness! ❤ Cylinda B Photography Stunning Bride!!! Beautiful, inside & out! These guys were a hoot! Becoming more and more obsessed with the first look!!  Looking from the outside in I feel like it gives the bride and groom good quality and not rushed time together to enjoy the moment and what the day is about!

I would love to hear from any bride and grooms (including y’all) on how the moment felt and what you loved about it?Now that is the reaction any bride would love to see from their soon to be husband on their wedding day! ❤ ❤

I love how happy Sarah is with him! They truly keep each other smiling! ❤ ❤  Look at the way he looks at her!!! ❤  Such a beautiful moment…Just LOVE his excitement as she prno

#funfamilyformals! ❤ 

Info tell already how much fun these two are together, check out their first dance!!!

Genesee Grande Wedding, Syracuse, Wedding, Photos, Downtown, Cylinda B Photography-61Genesee Grande Wedding, Syracuse, Wedding, Photos, Downtown, Cylinda B Photography-62Genesee Grande Wedding, Syracuse, Wedding, Photos, Downtown, Cylinda B Photography-60Love a fun cake cutting!! 🙂  Such beautiful, fun speeches!

They both introduced their parents who made a speech and they were the sweetest introductions…Tear moment!Sarah surprised everyone with her speech in absolutely beautiful Spanish to Jon’s family.  Another tear moment! 🙂

Isn’t she is the cutest!! A beautiful way to end the night with a beautiful moment to themselves on the city street of Syracuse! ❤ 

Thank you so much for visiting and big thank you to everyone who helped make this day so wonderful for this amazing couple!

  • Ceremony Location: Grace Episcopal Church
  • Reception: Genesee Grande – what a beautiful venue with friendly staff and the Vegan dishes were amazing!!
  • Hairstylists- Danielle Leubner
  • Makeup Artist- Danielle Leubner
  • Videographer: Kyle Ridlon-Kyle is always a pleasure to work with and I absolutely adore his passion for what he does! We cannot wait to see what he captured!
  • DJ- Just Push Play Productions
  • Florists- Kathy – Floral Gardens – Absolutely stunning flowers!
  • Bakery/Cake- Cakes by Michele
  • Bridal Gown purchase location : Phia James Wedding
  • Bridesmaids Designer & Purchase Location

    Alfred Angelo, Phia James Wedding

  • Groom + Groomsmen Attire Designer + Purchase Location

    Vera Wang, Men’s Warehouse

What Charities Should We Donate To?

It has always been in my heart to give back, but last year I blinked my eyes and it was over, have you had one of those years?!?  It was an amazing/crazy/full and blessed year between Cylinda B Photography and buying/renovating our home and I am beyond grateful.  However, it was the moment I sat down with my accountant that I realized I didn’t give back as much as I would have liked to in 2016.  Its been hovering over my head and weighing heavy on my heart that I need to be more aware this year, of course this is easier said then done, especially now when we have our first child on the way!!! I am sure life is only going to get busier, between our business, and watching, nurturing, and learning how to raise our little miracle!

SO a great idea came to me last night while watching the amazing Shark Tank that I have been binge watching throughout pregnancy 🙂  What if a percentage of my print sale proceeds went to a charity that my clients choose!?  This way when I do Cylinda B Photography’s books at the end of each month I can write checks to the charities clients chose.  It would fit into my day-to-day operations and the year won’t pass me by as it has in the past! Awesome idea, right!?!

So this is where I need you! I plan to choose a mix of local, national and international charities and I am reaching out to y’all to get ideas and input on the best charities. I have a few listed in the poll below, feel free to add to the list!

After receiving input I will then integrate a question and drop down menu of 5-10 charities on my ordering form for clients to choose where they would like the donation to go.  Finally, at the end of the month I will take a percentage of the prints sale proceeds from lifestyle client orders and put that towards the charities they chose!  I am so excited to get started and absolutely appreciate your input!!

Please VOTE and share using the social media links below!

Thank you so much for your help and for visiting us here!

Cylinda B

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A Turning Stone Wedding | Meg & Chris

Twenty Three amazing love stories this year and what an amazing way to wrap up this amazing wedding season celebrating Meg & Chris at Turning Stone Casino.

What a beautiful day, from the unique details/touches with a vintage theme, special touches, and sweet moments.  We want to thank you so much for including is in your special day! We loved being there and wish y’all a lifetime of happiness. Love and Appreciation.

turning-stone-wedding-syracuse-wedding-photography-vernon-ny-cylinda-b-photography-2 turning-stone-wedding-syracuse-wedding-photography-vernon-ny-cylinda-b-photography-6 turning-stone-wedding-syracuse-wedding-photography-vernon-ny-cylinda-b-photography-7 turning-stone-wedding-syracuse-wedding-photography-vernon-ny-cylinda-b-photography-5

Meg’s mother is the absolute sweetest, loved capturing her getting ready.  You can see the love and joy in her moms eyes.turning-stone-wedding-syracuse-wedding-photography-vernon-ny-cylinda-b-photography-9

These shoes though! turning-stone-wedding-syracuse-wedding-photography-vernon-ny-cylinda-b-photography-8

Melt my heart…Such a special moment between these two! ❤ turning-stone-wedding-syracuse-wedding-photography-vernon-ny-cylinda-b-photography-18 turning-stone-wedding-syracuse-wedding-photography-vernon-ny-cylinda-b-photography-19 turning-stone-wedding-syracuse-wedding-photography-vernon-ny-cylinda-b-photography-12turning-stone-wedding-syracuse-wedding-photography-vernon-ny-cylinda-b-photography-3 turning-stone-wedding-syracuse-wedding-photography-vernon-ny-cylinda-b-photography-10 turning-stone-wedding-syracuse-wedding-photography-vernon-ny-cylinda-b-photography-13 turning-stone-wedding-syracuse-wedding-photography-vernon-ny-cylinda-b-photography-14 turning-stone-wedding-syracuse-wedding-photography-vernon-ny-cylinda-b-photography-15 turning-stone-wedding-syracuse-wedding-photography-vernon-ny-cylinda-b-photography-162016-11-18_00512016-11-18_0052turning-stone-wedding-syracuse-wedding-photography-vernon-ny-cylinda-b-photography-20 turning-stone-wedding-syracuse-wedding-photography-vernon-ny-cylinda-b-photography-21

A moment you are grateful for your 16-35 🙂
2016-11-18_0053turning-stone-wedding-syracuse-wedding-photography-vernon-ny-cylinda-b-photography-22 turning-stone-wedding-syracuse-wedding-photography-vernon-ny-cylinda-b-photography-23 turning-stone-wedding-syracuse-wedding-photography-vernon-ny-cylinda-b-photography-26

Meg is absolutely stunning!! And inside and out! turning-stone-wedding-syracuse-wedding-photography-vernon-ny-cylinda-b-photography-27 turning-stone-wedding-syracuse-wedding-photography-vernon-ny-cylinda-b-photography-28 turning-stone-wedding-syracuse-wedding-photography-vernon-ny-cylinda-b-photography-25 turning-stone-wedding-syracuse-wedding-photography-vernon-ny-cylinda-b-photography-24 turning-stone-wedding-syracuse-wedding-photography-vernon-ny-cylinda-b-photography-29 turning-stone-wedding-syracuse-wedding-photography-vernon-ny-cylinda-b-photography-30 turning-stone-wedding-syracuse-wedding-photography-vernon-ny-cylinda-b-photography-31 turning-stone-wedding-syracuse-wedding-photography-vernon-ny-cylinda-b-photography-32

Loved this!! First time we saw it this year! turning-stone-wedding-syracuse-wedding-photography-vernon-ny-cylinda-b-photography-33 turning-stone-wedding-syracuse-wedding-photography-vernon-ny-cylinda-b-photography-34

When these two took the dance floor! Wow THEY.CAN.DANCE! So fun!

turning-stone-wedding-syracuse-wedding-photography-vernon-ny-cylinda-b-photography-35 turning-stone-wedding-syracuse-wedding-photography-vernon-ny-cylinda-b-photography-36 turning-stone-wedding-syracuse-wedding-photography-vernon-ny-cylinda-b-photography-37 turning-stone-wedding-syracuse-wedding-photography-vernon-ny-cylinda-b-photography-39 turning-stone-wedding-syracuse-wedding-photography-vernon-ny-cylinda-b-photography-38 turning-stone-wedding-syracuse-wedding-photography-vernon-ny-cylinda-b-photography-40 turning-stone-wedding-syracuse-wedding-photography-vernon-ny-cylinda-b-photography-41 turning-stone-wedding-syracuse-wedding-photography-vernon-ny-cylinda-b-photography-42

Cuteness overload!!turning-stone-wedding-syracuse-wedding-photography-vernon-ny-cylinda-b-photography-44 turning-stone-wedding-syracuse-wedding-photography-vernon-ny-cylinda-b-photography-43


Thank you so much for visiting! And thank you to everyone who helped make their day so special!

A Beeches Inn Wedding | Jillian & John

I just love when a wedding day is so much fun that we don’t want to leave! Jillian and John’s day was just that, FUN! A picture perfect day, cloudy, not too hot or cold and filled with love laughter, and amazing wedding party and fun guests!  We loved celebrating these two at the beautiful Beeches Inn in Rome NY two weeks ago.

Thank you so much for inviting us in and having us document this amazing moment in your lives.  We loved documenting the love and happiness between you two and everyone that surrounded you, we felt it all day.  Lots of love and appreciation. Cylinda & Chelsea

the-beeches-inn-rome-wedding-rome-wedding-photographer-cylinda-b-photography-2 the-beeches-inn-rome-wedding-rome-wedding-photographer-cylinda-b-photography-5 the-beeches-inn-rome-wedding-rome-wedding-photographer-cylinda-b-photography-14 the-beeches-inn-rome-wedding-rome-wedding-photographer-cylinda-b-photography-4 the-beeches-inn-rome-wedding-rome-wedding-photographer-cylinda-b-photography-3 the-beeches-inn-rome-wedding-rome-wedding-photographer-cylinda-b-photography-8 the-beeches-inn-rome-wedding-rome-wedding-photographer-cylinda-b-photography-6 the-beeches-inn-rome-wedding-rome-wedding-photographer-cylinda-b-photography-15 the-beeches-inn-rome-wedding-rome-wedding-photographer-cylinda-b-photography-16 the-beeches-inn-rome-wedding-rome-wedding-photographer-cylinda-b-photography-17 the-beeches-inn-rome-wedding-rome-wedding-photographer-cylinda-b-photography-18 the-beeches-inn-rome-wedding-rome-wedding-photographer-cylinda-b-photography-1 the-beeches-inn-rome-wedding-rome-wedding-photographer-cylinda-b-photography-9 the-beeches-inn-rome-wedding-rome-wedding-photographer-cylinda-b-photography-10 the-beeches-inn-rome-wedding-rome-wedding-photographer-cylinda-b-photography-11 the-beeches-inn-rome-wedding-rome-wedding-photographer-cylinda-b-photography-13 the-beeches-inn-rome-wedding-rome-wedding-photographer-cylinda-b-photography-12 the-beeches-inn-rome-wedding-rome-wedding-photographer-cylinda-b-photography-19

OMG melt my heart! the-beeches-inn-rome-wedding-rome-wedding-photographer-cylinda-b-photography-20 the-beeches-inn-rome-wedding-rome-wedding-photographer-cylinda-b-photography-21 the-beeches-inn-rome-wedding-rome-wedding-photographer-cylinda-b-photography-55 the-beeches-inn-rome-wedding-rome-wedding-photographer-cylinda-b-photography-27 the-beeches-inn-rome-wedding-rome-wedding-photographer-cylinda-b-photography-22

They are the cutest! ❤ the-beeches-inn-rome-wedding-rome-wedding-photographer-cylinda-b-photography-24 the-beeches-inn-rome-wedding-rome-wedding-photographer-cylinda-b-photography-25 the-beeches-inn-rome-wedding-rome-wedding-photographer-cylinda-b-photography-26

SUCH a FUN wedding party!!! the-beeches-inn-rome-wedding-rome-wedding-photographer-cylinda-b-photography-23 the-beeches-inn-rome-wedding-rome-wedding-photographer-cylinda-b-photography-40 the-beeches-inn-rome-wedding-rome-wedding-photographer-cylinda-b-photography-41 the-beeches-inn-rome-wedding-rome-wedding-photographer-cylinda-b-photography-28 the-beeches-inn-rome-wedding-rome-wedding-photographer-cylinda-b-photography-29 the-beeches-inn-rome-wedding-rome-wedding-photographer-cylinda-b-photography-31 the-beeches-inn-rome-wedding-rome-wedding-photographer-cylinda-b-photography-30 the-beeches-inn-rome-wedding-rome-wedding-photographer-cylinda-b-photography-33 the-beeches-inn-rome-wedding-rome-wedding-photographer-cylinda-b-photography-32 the-beeches-inn-rome-wedding-rome-wedding-photographer-cylinda-b-photography-34 the-beeches-inn-rome-wedding-rome-wedding-photographer-cylinda-b-photography-35 the-beeches-inn-rome-wedding-rome-wedding-photographer-cylinda-b-photography-36 the-beeches-inn-rome-wedding-rome-wedding-photographer-cylinda-b-photography-38 the-beeches-inn-rome-wedding-rome-wedding-photographer-cylinda-b-photography-37 the-beeches-inn-rome-wedding-rome-wedding-photographer-cylinda-b-photography-39 the-beeches-inn-rome-wedding-rome-wedding-photographer-cylinda-b-photography-43 the-beeches-inn-rome-wedding-rome-wedding-photographer-cylinda-b-photography-54 cbp_9586 the-beeches-inn-rome-wedding-rome-wedding-photographer-cylinda-b-photography-53 the-beeches-inn-rome-wedding-rome-wedding-photographer-cylinda-b-photography-44 the-beeches-inn-rome-wedding-rome-wedding-photographer-cylinda-b-photography-52 the-beeches-inn-rome-wedding-rome-wedding-photographer-cylinda-b-photography-47 the-beeches-inn-rome-wedding-rome-wedding-photographer-cylinda-b-photography-49 the-beeches-inn-rome-wedding-rome-wedding-photographer-cylinda-b-photography-48 the-beeches-inn-rome-wedding-rome-wedding-photographer-cylinda-b-photography-51 the-beeches-inn-rome-wedding-rome-wedding-photographer-cylinda-b-photography-46

Did I mention they were fun!?!? 🙂 ❤
the-beeches-inn-rome-wedding-rome-wedding-photographer-cylinda-b-photography-50 the-beeches-inn-rome-wedding-rome-wedding-photographer-cylinda-b-photography-42cbp_9667-edit

Thank you for visiting and BIG thank you to everyone who helped make this day so special!!

Reception Venue: The Beeches Inn & Conference Center

Wedding Decorator: Wendy Miga- Exclusively yours by Wendy– the room was stunning!

Videographer: The amazing Gavin Law

DJ, Band- Michael Byrch

Florists- Charmaine with Affections

Bakery/Cake-  Classy Cakes by Andrea 

Invitations/Paper Suite – Wedding Paper Divas

Bridal Gown Designer- Allure, PhiaJames- New Hartford Shopping Centure

Bridesmaids Designer- Vera Wang

A Lodge at Welch Allyn Wedding | Skaneateles, NY | Korrin & Nick

Such a perfect day for a wedding last week celebrating Korrin & Nick’s marriage at The Lodge at Welch Allyn!   We started the day at a beautiful home in Skaneateles where Korrin got ready with all of her girls who stood up for her.  Then we headed to Hoopes Park in Auburn for a small ceremony with their immediate family.

The reception was absolutely stunning with bright and vibrant colors and amazing florals done by Annette at Flowers Down Under. Amazing music/entertainment by Visa Versa Entertainment and towards the end of the night Korrin & Nick were surprised by Nick’s parent’s with a beautiful firework show!

Thank you so so much for having us document your first day as husband and wife!  We loved seeing all of your details and plans come together on this beautiful day.  xo Cylinda B

lodge-at-welch-allyn-wedding-skaeneateles-10 lodge-at-welch-allyn-wedding-skaeneateles-11 lodge-at-welch-allyn-wedding-skaeneateles-9 lodge-at-welch-allyn-wedding-skaeneateles-6

These amazing glasses made by one Korrin’s cousin, Sarah! lodge-at-welch-allyn-wedding-skaeneateles-3 lodge-at-welch-allyn-wedding-skaeneateles-1 lodge-at-welch-allyn-wedding-skaeneateles-2

The cutest photo bomber! ❤
lodge-at-welch-allyn-wedding-skaeneateles-4 lodge-at-welch-allyn-wedding-skaeneateles-8 lodge-at-welch-allyn-wedding-skaeneateles-5 lodge-at-welch-allyn-wedding-skaeneateles-7 lodge-at-welch-allyn-wedding-skaeneateles-13 lodge-at-welch-allyn-wedding-skaeneateles-18 lodge-at-welch-allyn-wedding-skaeneateles-19 lodge-at-welch-allyn-wedding-skaeneateles-27 lodge-at-welch-allyn-wedding-skaeneateles-14

Such a sweet family! I just adore Luka and you can just see how much his mommy and daddy just love him!lodge-at-welch-allyn-wedding-skaeneateles-26 lodge-at-welch-allyn-wedding-skaeneateles-15 lodge-at-welch-allyn-wedding-skaeneateles-22 lodge-at-welch-allyn-wedding-skaeneateles-17 lodge-at-welch-allyn-wedding-skaeneateles-16 lodge-at-welch-allyn-wedding-skaeneateles-23 lodge-at-welch-allyn-wedding-skaeneateles-24 lodge-at-welch-allyn-wedding-skaeneateles-25lodge-at-welch-allyn-wedding-skaeneateles-42 lodge-at-welch-allyn-wedding-skaeneateles-28 lodge-at-welch-allyn-wedding-skaeneateles-30 lodge-at-welch-allyn-wedding-skaeneateles-31 lodge-at-welch-allyn-wedding-skaeneateles-29 lodge-at-welch-allyn-wedding-skaeneateles-45Absolutely loved this donut bar idea!! The Lodge put together this amazing display!  Such a fun, unique twists to desert! 
lodge-at-welch-allyn-wedding-skaeneateles-37 lodge-at-welch-allyn-wedding-skaeneateles-44 lodge-at-welch-allyn-wedding-skaeneateles-33 lodge-at-welch-allyn-wedding-skaeneateles-39 lodge-at-welch-allyn-wedding-skaeneateles-43 lodge-at-welch-allyn-wedding-skaeneateles-41 lodge-at-welch-allyn-wedding-skaeneateles-40 lodge-at-welch-allyn-wedding-skaeneateles-38 lodge-at-welch-allyn-wedding-skaeneateles-35 lodge-at-welch-allyn-wedding-skaeneateles-36

Thank you for visiting!

Cylinda B

St. Sophia’s Greek Orthodox Church Wedding | Shaun & Ana

What a beautiful day celebrating the marriage of Shaun & Ana!  Their wedding was so special with so many beautiful, sentimental details and Ana’s Father married them at his church, St. Sophia’s Greek Orthodox Church.  The ceremony was so special to witness and document and we couldn’t feel more grateful to have been a part of it.

Thank you so much for inviting us so warmly into your day! We wish y’all a lifetime of happiness. xo Cylinda

greek orthodox, wedding, syracuse wedding, photography-1 greek orthodox, wedding, syracuse wedding, photography-25 greek orthodox, wedding, syracuse wedding, photography-2 greek orthodox, wedding, syracuse wedding, photography-26 greek orthodox, wedding, syracuse wedding, photography-3

Ana was such a sweet bride.  Looking out to the church where her hubby to be was and getting dressed by her mom and soon to be mom inlaw in her grandmothers wedding gown. ❤greek orthodox, wedding, syracuse wedding, photography-4 greek orthodox, wedding, syracuse wedding, photography-5 greek orthodox, wedding, syracuse wedding, photography-7 greek orthodox, wedding, syracuse wedding, photography-6

I love when sentimental touches go into a wedding day and Shaun and Ana had so many.greek orthodox, wedding, syracuse wedding, photography-9 greek orthodox, wedding, syracuse wedding, photography-33

Ana’s brother was so excited to get into this photo! LOVE! 🙂 greek orthodox, wedding, syracuse wedding, photography-32

Shaun and Ana seeing each other for the first time, so full of excitement!
greek orthodox, wedding, syracuse wedding, photography-10 greek orthodox, wedding, syracuse wedding, photography-11 greek orthodox, wedding, syracuse wedding, photography-13 greek orthodox, wedding, syracuse wedding, photography-12

Ana’s sister doing the ring exchange, the rings took place outside the sanctuary.  I loved that her dad explained the history to why they have this practice during the service.greek orthodox, wedding, syracuse wedding, photography-14 greek orthodox, wedding, syracuse wedding, photography-15 greek orthodox, wedding, syracuse wedding, photography-16 greek orthodox, wedding, syracuse wedding, photography-17greek orthodox, wedding, syracuse wedding, photography-19 greek orthodox, wedding, syracuse wedding, photography-20 greek orthodox, wedding, syracuse wedding, photography-21 greek orthodox, wedding, syracuse wedding, photography-24

Everyone super excited that they are married!! 🙂 greek orthodox, wedding, syracuse wedding, photography-35 greek orthodox, wedding, syracuse wedding, photography-31 greek orthodox, wedding, syracuse wedding, photography-30 greek orthodox, wedding, syracuse wedding, photography-28 greek orthodox, wedding, syracuse wedding, photography-27

A beautiful surprise from Ana’s family ❤ greek orthodox, wedding, syracuse wedding, photography-38 greek orthodox, wedding, syracuse wedding, photography-37 greek orthodox, wedding, syracuse wedding, photography-39 greek orthodox, wedding, syracuse wedding, photography-40 greek orthodox, wedding, syracuse wedding, photography-36

These two… ❤greek orthodox, wedding, syracuse wedding, photography-29

Thank you so much for choosing us to be a part of your day!!

Cylinda B