A Lodge at Welch Allyn Wedding | Skaneateles, NY | Korrin & Nick

Such a perfect day for a wedding last week celebrating Korrin & Nick’s marriage at The Lodge at Welch Allyn!   We started the day at a beautiful home in Skaneateles where Korrin got ready with all of her girls who stood up for her.  Then we headed to Hoopes Park in Auburn for a small ceremony with their immediate family.

The reception was absolutely stunning with bright and vibrant colors and amazing florals done by Annette at Flowers Down Under. Amazing music/entertainment by Visa Versa Entertainment and towards the end of the night Korrin & Nick were surprised by Nick’s parent’s with a beautiful firework show!

Thank you so so much for having us document your first day as husband and wife!  We loved seeing all of your details and plans come together on this beautiful day.  xo Cylinda B

lodge-at-welch-allyn-wedding-skaeneateles-10 lodge-at-welch-allyn-wedding-skaeneateles-11 lodge-at-welch-allyn-wedding-skaeneateles-9 lodge-at-welch-allyn-wedding-skaeneateles-6

These amazing glasses made by one Korrin’s cousin, Sarah! lodge-at-welch-allyn-wedding-skaeneateles-3 lodge-at-welch-allyn-wedding-skaeneateles-1 lodge-at-welch-allyn-wedding-skaeneateles-2

The cutest photo bomber! ❤
lodge-at-welch-allyn-wedding-skaeneateles-4 lodge-at-welch-allyn-wedding-skaeneateles-8 lodge-at-welch-allyn-wedding-skaeneateles-5 lodge-at-welch-allyn-wedding-skaeneateles-7 lodge-at-welch-allyn-wedding-skaeneateles-13 lodge-at-welch-allyn-wedding-skaeneateles-18 lodge-at-welch-allyn-wedding-skaeneateles-19 lodge-at-welch-allyn-wedding-skaeneateles-27 lodge-at-welch-allyn-wedding-skaeneateles-14

Such a sweet family! I just adore Luka and you can just see how much his mommy and daddy just love him!lodge-at-welch-allyn-wedding-skaeneateles-26 lodge-at-welch-allyn-wedding-skaeneateles-15 lodge-at-welch-allyn-wedding-skaeneateles-22 lodge-at-welch-allyn-wedding-skaeneateles-17 lodge-at-welch-allyn-wedding-skaeneateles-16 lodge-at-welch-allyn-wedding-skaeneateles-23 lodge-at-welch-allyn-wedding-skaeneateles-24 lodge-at-welch-allyn-wedding-skaeneateles-25lodge-at-welch-allyn-wedding-skaeneateles-42 lodge-at-welch-allyn-wedding-skaeneateles-28 lodge-at-welch-allyn-wedding-skaeneateles-30 lodge-at-welch-allyn-wedding-skaeneateles-31 lodge-at-welch-allyn-wedding-skaeneateles-29 lodge-at-welch-allyn-wedding-skaeneateles-45Absolutely loved this donut bar idea!! The Lodge put together this amazing display!  Such a fun, unique twists to desert! 
lodge-at-welch-allyn-wedding-skaeneateles-37 lodge-at-welch-allyn-wedding-skaeneateles-44 lodge-at-welch-allyn-wedding-skaeneateles-33 lodge-at-welch-allyn-wedding-skaeneateles-39 lodge-at-welch-allyn-wedding-skaeneateles-43 lodge-at-welch-allyn-wedding-skaeneateles-41 lodge-at-welch-allyn-wedding-skaeneateles-40 lodge-at-welch-allyn-wedding-skaeneateles-38 lodge-at-welch-allyn-wedding-skaeneateles-35 lodge-at-welch-allyn-wedding-skaeneateles-36

Thank you for visiting!

Cylinda B

4 thoughts on “A Lodge at Welch Allyn Wedding | Skaneateles, NY | Korrin & Nick”

  1. amazing photos! you were beyond amazing and fun!!! you are very talented and i wish you all of the success in the world!!!- sarah b.


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