A Country Belle Farms Wedding | Ashley & Henry

We arrived out to Ashley & Henry’s friends farmhouse in the morning, the sky full of clouds, rain threatening.  But this wouldn’t faze these two today!  As Ashley walked down the aisle towards her husband to be, rain fell but a smile was on her face and tears in Henry’s eyes you just felt their love and knew it was the beginning of a beautiful life together.

There were so many unique touches to their day and we couldn’t have been more excited and grateful to have been a part of it.  Thank you so much for allowing us to capture this day, the beginning of a wonderful journey.

Love and appreciation, Cylinda & Chelsea.

country-belle-farms-wedding-belleview-7 country-belle-farms-wedding-belleview-2 country-belle-farms-wedding-belleview-1 country-belle-farms-wedding-belleview-3

The sweetest Grandma and Mom award to these two today…These images of Ashley with her grandma make me smile every time I come across them.country-belle-farms-wedding-belleview-5

Ashley was such a beautiful bride!  Inside and out she is a beautiful person. Thank you for being YOU. ā¤ country-belle-farms-wedding-belleview-4country-belle-farms-wedding-belleview-14

OMG the cuteness of the ring bearers today!country-belle-farms-wedding-belleview-16 country-belle-farms-wedding-belleview-6

Such a beautiful setting for a wedding.country-belle-farms-wedding-belleview-20 country-belle-farms-wedding-belleview-19Sweetest flower girls! ā¤2016-10-02_0005

country-belle-farms-wedding-belleview-18 country-belle-farms-wedding-belleview-22 country-belle-farms-wedding-belleview-23 country-belle-farms-wedding-belleview-24 country-belle-farms-wedding-belleview-25 country-belle-farms-wedding-belleview-26 country-belle-farms-wedding-belleview-27Just loved this unity ceremony! They each shot off a shot gun (blanks of course šŸ™‚ )   Love when couples personalize their wedding day.

country-belle-farms-wedding-belleview-28 country-belle-farms-wedding-belleview-17 country-belle-farms-wedding-belleview-29 country-belle-farms-wedding-belleview-12 country-belle-farms-wedding-belleview-9 country-belle-farms-wedding-belleview-31 2016-10-02_0001Out of a fairytale! ā¤
cbp_8864-edit country-belle-farms-wedding-belleview-11 country-belle-farms-wedding-belleview-10

Now THIS is. an. EXIT. ā¤country-belle-farms-wedding-belleview-13 country-belle-farms-wedding-belleview-32

This amazing lantern created by the groom, Henry! I may have to have one!! country-belle-farms-wedding-belleview-33 country-belle-farms-wedding-belleview-34 country-belle-farms-wedding-belleview-35I loved how they both had a dance with their Dad & Mom, so sweet.

country-belle-farms-wedding-belleview-37 country-belle-farms-wedding-belleview-38 country-belle-farms-wedding-belleview-36

They were on the same page with most of these! Aside from the who is better shot, and the better dancer šŸ™‚

country-belle-farms-wedding-belleview-41 country-belle-farms-wedding-belleview-42 2016-10-02_00032016-10-02_0002 country-belle-farms-wedding-belleview-39

Thank you so much for visiting! Feel free to share love and special wishes to Ashley & Henry in the reply box below!

xo Cylinda

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