Is an Unplugged Wedding Right for You?

We are heading into wedding season, and I couldn’t be more excited to document one of the most defining moments in the lives of all my 2015 brides + grooms.  I wanted to write this blog to share the interesting concept of an unplugged wedding with both current and potential clients.

What is an unplugged wedding? An unplugged wedding is a wedding where guests do not use cameras, cell phones, or tablets during the ceremony.  Sometimes this is extended to the reception too. The Pew Reasearch Center says as of January 2014

90% of American adults have a cell phone

58% of American adults have a smartphone

32% of American adults own an e-reader

42% of American adults own a tablet computer

According to these statistics, almost everyone at your wedding will have a device of some sort in their possession.  I see it,  and hear stories all the time from other photographers of that one uncle, friend, or other family member who stands in the aisle, or get’s up on the alter, and blocks the view of the photographer. You have invested a lot of time and money into selecting the photographer you feel will best capture your day.  It would be a shame for them to not be able to capture your entrance, the first kiss, or any other moment because of someone else’s flash or physically tainting the image.

Benefits of an unplugged wedding There are a few benefits of an unplugged wedding. The first is not having anyone blocking, interrupting, or distorting images that your photographer is trying to take.  Another is that it allows your guests to really enjoy this beautiful time in your lives.  They will not be distracted about trying to get the perfect image, they will only be worried about enjoying the moment. The final and maybe greatest benefit of an unplugged wedding is that when you are at the alter, having your first dance, cutting your cake you can see the faces of your loved ones enjoying the moments, instead of a phone, camera, or tablet in front of their faces.  Also when you receive your wedding images from your photographer, your guests faces won’t be blocked by their devices.

How to inform and ask your guests to put down or leave their devices home? There are many ways to inform your guests about an unplugged wedding.  If you have a wedding website, you can start there, you can also do it on the programs, a sign, or ask the officiant to inform the guests. I created a board on my PINTEREST PAGE. Feel free to check it out! There are ideas on how to inform your guests and example images.

Your family and friends are just really excited to share this moment with you and everyone and want to capture the memory for themselves and others. If your guests want to view your wedding day photos you can refer them to your photographers webpage as most photographers post sneak peeks within days and blog your wedding day within weeks.  You may also share your online gallery when it is delivered!

I believe that both the couple and the guests benefit from an unplugged wedding.  It can be a break from the “always connected” world that we live in.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions for suggestions. I would love to hear from you! Cylinda B

3 thoughts on “Is an Unplugged Wedding Right for You?”

  1. I Personally feel that’s a great idea so everyone can enjoy and really Watch the precious moments of their day. These days with all the high tech devices people miss a lot of the really special moments. I’m for one glad you posted the unplugged wedding. Thanks

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