Tailwater Lodge Wedding | Altmar, NY | Nicole & Kyano

What a perfect way to start off our 2021 wedding season, celebrating the love and marriage of Nicole & Kyano at the Tailwater Lodge in Altmar, NY. Kyano and Nicole met while playing slow pitch Softball and got engaged in August last year. I met them at a photography course, they were our models ❤ and just loved them together. Although COVID put restrictions on everything, you wouldn’t have known, everyone had so much fun and it was a perfect wedding day. Here is the story of their wedding day.

Telling Nicole how beautiful she looked ❤
The shortest reading , everyone was cracking up 😀
Fun family formals! 2 families are joined ❤
“Truthfully this list could go on until the text limit is reached. In short she’s everything I thought I ever wanted in a person to go through life with and so much more.” ~Kyano
“When I met him, I honestly knew that he was the one. Sometimes I think it’s crazy how people can say, “when you know, you know”- I didn’t believe that was an actual thing that happened. I love the person he is, and it made me realize why no relationship had never worked out for me before- because they were not him. He’s so thoughtful, compassionate, and communicative. I’m truly so lucky we found each other.” ~Nicole

I wish y’all every happiness!! Thank you so much for choosing us to document your wedding day ❤

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