Overall Greece Experience- Sailing the Mediterranean

captain foot, barbie

 Captain Foot & Admiral Barbie at Delphi, Greece Stadium

I couldn’t be more grateful to Vince & Barbie for inviting me into their home the last few weeks.  Not only did they have me aboard, they taught me to sail, educated me on various cultural topics, fed me, treated me to dinners, introduced me to wonderful people, kept my photography in mind when traveling to locations and restlessness in mind by docking when they would have preferred to be at anchor :), kept my equipment safe, and gave me an experience of a lifetime that I couldn’t ever thank them enough for.  They are such loving, caring, joyful people.  I loved waking up to Barbie’s smile the mornings I slept in :), made me feel right at home. ❤

Our Crew

Delphi, Greece-1894Nafpaktos, Greece-1679Messolonghi, Greece-1099

Me with my girls! Loved spending more then 1 day with them 🙂 xoxo

Delphi, Greece-1899Nidri, Greece-0713

Riding in the dinghy

Nidri, Greece-0732

A little tough doing a selfie with my camera, but getting a hang of it!

The Best Parts of Greece

Aside from the tranquility of sailing the Mediterranean and exploring wonderful towns, I met some awesome friends of Vince and Barbie’s.  Whether it was exploring, getting water bombed (AMAZING shot Loryn!) , or celebrating the 4th of July, I enjoyed getting to know them and listening to their stories!

Delphi, Greece-1993Delphi, Greece-1995

The Sailing Vessel : Britican

Delphi, Greece-1964

Going to miss this sweet face! 

Delphi, Greece-1975Delphi, Greece-1878-Edit

Just dancing over the Med! Love!

    Delphi, Greece-1989

Nepenthe Crew!

Delphi, Greece-1883


The Captains! Sailing Vessels Nepenthe, Horizons, & Britican

Delphi, Greece-1902

A Funny Observation in Greece

There was so  much character in the towns we visited! I got a kick out of the amount of different flushers there were! I have never seen so many different ways to flush a toilet, sometimes we had to search or try to figure out how they worked!!  Just a few that I happen to have my pocket point and shoot.


haha 🙂

Well on a serious note, it was a fantastic trip of a lifetime and I cannot express enough how grateful I am!! I never thought I would sail the Mediterranean and spend two weeks town/island hopping in Greece.  I definitely missed my husband & pups and air conditioner  🙂 After 3 days of feeling jet-legged it is good to back home and back to reality!

A few more favorites, including our last stop, Poros!

greece, poros, sailing

greece, sailboat

   Messolonghi, Greece-1003


Thank you for visiting! I hope you enjoyed taking the adventure with me! Stay tuned for upcoming work, session specials, etc! Feel free to share blog with friends and family!


Cylinda B

4 thoughts on “Overall Greece Experience- Sailing the Mediterranean”

  1. Hi Lisa! Thank you for your post. I am so happy you enjoyed it! They certainly are fantastic people and I loved every moment with them and am so thankful they invited me along for this adventure of a lifetime!


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