A Path Cut Through the Earth- Corinth Canal

High winds kept us in Corinth for a night, we planned to wait out the storm but we decided to face it the next afternoon. Although none of us got much sleep the first night with the winds rocking the boat and wiping through the cabin, the cool breeze felt wonderful. I was able to see my first beautiful sunset that night and got a few mother daughter shots against the beautiful sky in Corinth, Greece.

Delphi, Greece-2026 Delphi, Greece-2050Delphi, Greece-2079

Delphi, Greece-2092

The canal was unbelievable! Manmade, it is 79 meters above sea level at the highest cut, 3.2 miles long, 25 meters wide, it was absolutely amazing to sail through! A railway bridge and two road bridges cross at the highest point. We were able to view the paved roads the ancients use to drag their across the isthmus. It was started by a French company and finished by the Greeks in 1893.

Corinth, Greece-2116

Corinth, Greece-2161Corinth, Greece-2123

Sailed through on Independence Day! Happy Belated 4TH!

Corinth, Greece-2201

Corinth, Greece-2130

We anchored in the water to wait out the storm for the night and then headed to Poros, Greece a 9 hour sail to finish off my visit.

Stay tune for another beautiful island in Greece! I will then sum up my overall experience and share stories and photos of the wonderful people I met along this incredible journey!

Thank you for visiting!

Cylinda B.


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