A Skaneateles Proposal | I am Getting Another Sister!!

In our every day busy lives it can be hard to meet people, but we are blessed with technology that gives couples the chance to find their soulmate. You hear it on TV, the radio, about friends or family members, and perhaps you have read it on my blog a few times about marriages of couples who are brought together from online meeting sites.  Here is another love story that began online!  Chris and Meghan met 3 years ago and had their first date at a Tavern, a day that would change both their lives.

Saturday was the perfect day in Skaneateles, NY.  My brother-in-law proposed to his girlfriend in the beautiful gardens of a gorgeous home and SHE SAID YES!!! We are all SO happy and excited to have Meghan as an official family member   and I am so excited to have another sister! We couldn’t be happier to be adding such an amazing person in our family “officially” :).  We cannot wait to see what the future holds for y’all.

Here are a few moments captured from the day! xoxo

Meghan telling us about the moment, yes us girls all cried! So sweet!
Toasts!!  “I love that Meghan is extremely easygoing and is kind to everyone she meets. She is a very hard worker and always willing to help anyone that needs it. I love laughing and being goofy with her” ~ Chris“I love his sense of humor and sense of adventure! Chris is very thoughtful and does little things to show he loves and appreciates me.” ~ Meghan The ring!!Luca is excited about getting another Aunt!! ❤  Proposal, photographed, Skaneateles Engagement, Syracuse Wedding Photographer, Cylinda B Photography-12

We cannot wait to see you become husband and wife, Meghan you are going to be a beautiful bride! ❤


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