A Skaneateles Engagement | Jill & Doug

They were both excited to watch their best friend from high school get married 3 years ago but had no idea what the day would bring to their own lives.  They arrived at the rehearsal, Jill to stand by her best friend from High School and Doug to stand up for his and were paired up to walk down the aisle together, this  was the moment they started their life together! This sounds like a movie, doesn’t it?! Such a beautiful meet cute!

The best referrals are those from friends and amazing clients.  The moment these two walked through my door I knew they were absolutely wonderful, filled with love for one another and that I would be honored to document their wedding day. Their engagement was so much fun, filled with love, happiness, and joy everything I felt at our first meeting and I am so excited to see them say I do next year!! Thank you so much for referring me, Adam & Lindsay! ❤

skaneateles-engagement-the-lodge-at-welch-allyn-skaneateles-lake-cylinda-b-photography-engagement-7 skaneateles-engagement-the-lodge-at-welch-allyn-skaneateles-lake-cylinda-b-photography-engagement-1

“He immediately made me feel comfortable, it was an instant connection and I loved how I could be my silly self with him” ~Jill

“The first thing I noticed about Jill was how beautiful she is, inside and out” ~Doug

Love how these two look at each other, can feel their love the entire session! ❤skaneateles-engagement-the-lodge-at-welch-allyn-skaneateles-lake-cylinda-b-photography-engagement-4 skaneateles-engagement-the-lodge-at-welch-allyn-skaneateles-lake-cylinda-b-photography-engagement-5

Jill and Doug were engaged at a winery, they enjoyed a glass of wine from the bottle they got the day he asked her to be his wife! ❤ skaneateles-engagement-the-lodge-at-welch-allyn-skaneateles-lake-cylinda-b-photography-engagement-6 skaneateles-engagement-the-lodge-at-welch-allyn-skaneateles-lake-cylinda-b-photography-engagement-8

Pure happiness! ❤ skaneateles-engagement-the-lodge-at-welch-allyn-skaneateles-lake-cylinda-b-photography-engagement-10 skaneateles-engagement-the-lodge-at-welch-allyn-skaneateles-lake-cylinda-b-photography-engagement-11

I absolutely loved getting to know y’all and look forward to getting to know you both more over the next 8 months! Cannot wait until August!


Cylinda B

3 thoughts on “A Skaneateles Engagement | Jill & Doug”

  1. Such a beautiful love story, Cinderella has definitely found her Prince Charming! This is the beginning of an amazing journey….or should I say happily ever after 🙂


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