A Walk Downtown-Engagement Session

It was a crisp winter day in Syracuse photographing Rob + Liane’s engagement session.  When I asked them what their favorite things to do together, I just loved their response! They said “everything! Literally everything is better when your with your best friend” and that showed today! Although freezing outside, fingers numbing, faces freezing, it couldn’t take away from the moments they had together; laughter, love, and silliness between these two was infectious!  I cannot wait to tell the story of their wedding day!

1 large_3 small collage IMG_5262 IMG_5268 Untitled IMG_5288 IMG_5310 Untitled1 IMG_5305 IMG_5350 IMG_5344 IMG_5338 IMG_5328 IMG_5340 IMG_5392-Edit IMG_5429 IMG_5438 IMG_5446 IMG_5470 IMG_5478 IMG_5488 IMG_5480 IMG_5378-EditIMG_5280

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