Marrying Your Best Friend

One of my favorite parts of meeting my clients is hearing their love story.  I love that every story is unique.  I met Melanie and Keith this past week to photograph their engagement session for their June 2015 wedding and I adore their story.  You may have heard and/or even said it yourself that you cannot wait to marry your best friend, I know I certainly married mine!  What I love about their story is they have been best friends for almost 20 years!  They had a childhood date on Valentines day in 1995, became best friends and 12 years later began dating as adults and this year they will become husband and wife!  They are such a beautiful couple inside and out and were so much fun, I cannot wait witness and to tell their story of the day they become Husband + Wife!!IMG_5084

Untitled1 IMG_5098 IMG_5110 IMG_5118

IMG_5120 IMG_5046 Untitled

Dancing in the park 🙂IMG_4970 IMG_4963-Edit IMG_5228 IMG_5219IMG_5207IMG_5175 IMG_5174 IMG_5017 IMG_5015

What a riot getting this shot! IMG_5198

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