Little Girl Photo Session

I love this family and getting to know them more! I am so happy they called me to come back to photograph their daughter again! One of my favorite images  I have taken came from the first time photographing her, I will include it in this post! If you look close their is a tear falling from her eye.  I love capturing the personality of the kids in my families and everyone knows personalities consist of laughs, cries, smiles, frowns, etc.  and I love every aspect of them! She is such a cutie and I am super excited she is warming up to me! I got some cute smiles, played some peak-a-boo, and got her to giggle! I think I am becoming more then a stranger/ crazy lady behind the lens 🙂 It is the most amazing feeling being chosen to document moments in others lives and so much more amazing when it happens for a second time, thank you of much for having me again 🙂

IMG_0541 IMG_0524-Edit

Had to get some photos with Mom + Dad! So great seeing yal.

  1. IMG_0600-Edit IMG_0510 IMG_0512Peek-a-boo!IMG_0531

She loves her mama! Love this mini story of her running into her arms…SO SWEET!



As always thank you everyone for visiting my blog!!

One of my favorites from her first session as mentioned in the beginning of this post 🙂


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