Lacrosse + Volleyball Fun – Ryan’s Senior Session

Although college is definitely in Ryan’s future, like many high school seniors he isn’t entirely sure what path he wants to follow once he graduates.  One thing for sure is his passion and talent in sports, specifically volleyball and lacrosse.   I played volleyball in school and still do today, so it is a sport I have always been passionate about.  I had a blast peppering with him! (hitting the ball back and forth to each other 🙂 ) It was so much fun getting to know him and his parents and I wish you every success! Kick butt in the last few weeks of volleyball, enjoy every moment! Thank you for having me document this moment for yal!

IMG_0179-Edit_pp.jpg2Untitled2IMG_0722 IMG_0736-Edit IMG_0739-Edit IMG_0161 IMG_0779 IMG_0812 IMG_0800IMG_0844IMG_0852IMG_0183IMG_0849IMG_0761IMG_0777

Seriously had so much fun! Thank you so much for visiting!!

Cylinda B

One thought on “Lacrosse + Volleyball Fun – Ryan’s Senior Session”

  1. Great pictures and a very handsome young man wish him the best. And you are amazing. You really enjoy taking pictures and we all can see this in your work.


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