Syracuse Senior Photography | Featuring Sofia !

We are featuring another senior who will be graduating this year, Sofia!!  She was an absolute dream to work with and photograph.  These seniors today look like they stepped out of a magazine, mine did not look like this!! Maybe I should pull them out so people can have a chuckle one of these days 🙂  I am in love with Sofia’s style, how she accessorized, that she got her nails done, and that she chose outfits that fit her personality!  This was such a perfect day at The Farm, take me back to these warm weather days ❤ What will you miss about High School? “snow days, spirit week, and seeing my friends everyday” ~ Sofia  LOVED this answer, I am sure each person out of school misses snow days and has at least one memory watching the school names scroll across the screen, fingers crossed, so much anticipation and then the moment came….your school comes on the television which is followed by jumping with joy in the living room with siblings and calling up friends-yup calling!! no texting in these memories, corded phone or dial up internet that took eternity to connect 😀 ….Oh the memories so vivid, this brings a huge smile to my face 🙂 …memory rant over…❤ ❤ ❤  “I am so excited about going to college, learning more and meeting new people” ~Sofia .  Yup, this was a classic Cylinda B freak out moment…this and the first picture are a few I remember specifically!! Sofia, we wish you an amazing college experience, learn lots, meet great friends and reach for the stars! You will do beautiful things!

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Cylinda B

Country Home Family Session

I met Alex when I was a teenager,  she is my childhood best friends cousin.  I have seen Alex twice in the past 15 years so I was absolutely excited to hear from her and that they wanted me to photograph their family portraits! Alex grew up around horses and it was so beautiful to see her new life as an adult, a mother, a wife, and that her love for horses hasn’t changed.  The thing that changed is that she & Sam have an adorable, sweet, little girl to share these amazing animals with.  Their home is beautiful and I loved every moment I spent with them and their baby girl.  She just amazed me, being just under 3 years old, she jumped on her pony no questions asked.  The laughter and excitement as the horse trotted made my heart smile.  Horses are beautiful gifts and the love this family has for them was touching to see and photograph.  Thank you so much for having me.

Just love kids being kids, one of my favorite 🙂




Love This Little Country Girl!IMG_3570IMG_3562IMG_3838IMG_3384

Absolutely amazed by her! Even my husband said 5 times, there is no way she is 2.5-3! Incredible and precious!


IMG_4179 IMG_3650IMG_3723

Again thank you all for having me, I had so much fun and maybe this will inspire me to ride one!

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