Gillie Lake Engagement | Modern Day Meet-Cute

A meet-cute is the moment in a movie where a couple meets for the first time in a unique, unlikely way.  We are hearing more and more every day about people meeting online and that there are times these couples find their best friend, soulmate, and partner and become husband + wife! I was so excited to hear James’s + Trisha’s story about meeting online and that they found each other in the midst of their busy lives.  They are such a sweet, beautiful couple and we had so much fun trying to stay warm on this below zero winter day in Syracuse!

IMG_5806 IMG_5402 IMG_5416-Edit IMG_5813-Edit IMG_5819IMG_5850-Edit IMG_5853-Edit IMG_5845 IMG_5396 IMG_5871-EditIMG_5916 IMG_5430-EditWhile you are here become a fan of my Facebook page or follow my blog for future stories and work!

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