Yassis From Lefkada, Greece

I left NY at 11:00 am Monday morning and I was able to rest my head at midnight last night in Lefkada, Greece, 5:00 pm NY time Tuesday :). I was certainly eager to wake up and spend the morning exploring this beautiful town in Greece.  The textures and colors are absolutely stunning, there is so much character here.  I am in love with the people; whether zipping around the streets on mopeds, picking out fruits/veggies, and just enjoying their morning cappuccino over great conversation that I definitely cannot understand ,but love it as background music while exploring these brick roads.

Levkas, Greece  Levkas, Greece

Levkas, Greece

The view from outside this town is just as breathtaking as the inside.  100’s of sailboats visiting from numerous countries and the town set between the mountains and the Mediterranean sea.

Lefkada, Greece-0625

Lefkada, Greece-0628

We are off to Ionan Islands, specifically Meganisi Island located in the west part of Greece this afternoon.  I am looking forward to sailing for my first time and I am prepared with my sunscreen and Dramamine just in case!  Just a few more images before I log off for today!

Lefkada, Greece-0563 Church, Greece

A church in town, throughout Greece they put the church bells off to the side of the building to avoid destroying the church during earthquakes.

sailboat, greece

Lefkada, Greece-0533

Walkway to the town square.  This is exactly how I pictured Greece and the experience so far is 100 times better then I imagined.

town square, greece

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