Waking Up to Fishermen and Cathedral Bells in Messolonghi, Greece

We sailed 8 hours to Messolonghi, Greece.  Messolonghi was certainly was a quiet town compared to the last few stops. However, I was woken up the next morning to the sound of church bells, a roaring engine, seagulls and our boat being rocked by waves. Nervously and anxiously I popped my head out of the main salon and saw a local fisherman pulling in their boat filled with the days catch.  After relief set in that we were still attached to the dock, I sat on deck to watch them unload into to truck the fish that they will disperse throughout the town.

Messolonghi, Greece-1106

I had 1.5 hours before we hit sail, so while everyone slept I was eager to head out to explore the town.  I was certainly nervous passing through the quiet, lifeless, streets with few homes tucked into trees and a gated school yard, but I was determined to see the square our waitress mentioned the night before.  After 25 minutes I started to see narrow street ways packed with brick and cement buildings, and stone roads, another town full of character.  As I got closer I heard the beautiful church bells again along with faint singing that soothed my soul, I was destined to follow it.  A few winding roads and I came up to this Cathedral where the music was traveling from.  I spotted a café adjacent to the church and enjoyed the best cappuccino I ever had.  I could have sat there throughout the entire mass listening to everyone sing at Sunday church, but I had to find my way back.

cappuccino, greece, cathedral

Messolonghi, Greece-1117Messolonghi, Greece-1116

While walking past the shops and the locals enjoying their morning powwows with buddies I spotted this adorable pup that I had to photograph, then I headed back to the sailboat.  After a few minutes I noticed she was following me and after 15 minutes of her stopping at dumpsters then catching up to be by my side I fell in love! The dumpster stops and ribs showing through were a few hints she was hungry so I stopped and got her a pastry. 🙂 I was limited on choices but she didn’t want any of it, dumpster food must be more appealing! Well 2 miles later she was back at the sailboat, I tried to get Vince, “the Captain” to want her but wasn’t successful L.  After I gave her water and her wining and starring at us for 10 minutes she headed off to her next adventure.  I was so thankful because I wouldn’t be able to watch that face as I sailed off! Seriously as much as I miss my pups and hubby I probably would have cried! Look at this face, wouldn’t you?

Messolonghi, Greece-1150Messolonghi, Greece-1168

Messolonghi, Greece-1151

We left Messolonghi and sailed with the wind into our nose so it wasn’t the best of conditions as we motored toward our destination…However because of the slow and steady pace we were able to discover a medieval town after 6 hours underway! It was the coolest place!  I am hoping to have that blog post up tomorrow!  In the mean time a few more images from yesterdays adventure!

Messolonghi, Greece-1118Messolonghi, Greece-1153Messolonghi, Greece-1115Messolonghi, Greece-1181

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Cylinda B.