Discovering A Medieval Town, Lepanto- Nafpaktos, Greece

While underway “Captain Foot” discovered a medieval town on the map just past this amazing architecturally designed bridge in Nafpaktos-Lepanto, Greece.  The town was incredible from the tip of the marina to the highest point of the castle that sat at the top of the island. Nafpakos-Lepanto, Greece-1299

Nafpakos-Lepanto, Greece-1284Nafpakos-Lepanto, Greece-1296

Harilaos Trikoupis bridge was a vision of a statesman, harilaos Trikoupis.  It is world’s longest multi-span cable-stayed bridge.

I felt like a kid seeing the view of the castle from the sailboat, isn’t it fantastic!? I couldn’t wait to explore!

Nafpakos, greece, medieval town, castle Nafpaktos, Greece-1694

I was off the boat ready to explore within minutes! I met a local, Nick, who told me about the Battle of Lepanto, which I had to research. So while climbing the mountain through winding streets, steep & narrow walkways, stone buildings, & what looked like original walls and doors I couldn’t help imagining what this town may have been like back in the 1500’s. I walked in awe through the quite street ways imagining the life in the 1500’s, periodically being snapped back into reality from dogs running and barking at me from their gated yard, and stray cats looking for their next meal, but what an amazing experience.  Here are a few images from my walk up.

Nafpakos, greece, medieval townNafpakos, greece, medieval townNafpakos, greece, medieval town, castle, moped

 Nafpakos, greece, medieval town, casstleMedieval town, Nafpakos, greeceNafpakos, greece, medieval town

The following day we walked to the top, although the castle was closed on Monday’s, it was a beautiful view overlooking Nafpakos and amazing to touch the stone of this amazing piece of history.

Nafpaktos, Greece-1646 Nafpakos, greece, medieval townNafpakos, greece, medieval town Nafpakos, greece, medieval town, castle Nafpakos, greece, medieval town, castleNafpakos, greece, medieval town, castleNafpaktos, Greece-1666

Nafpakos, greece, medieval townNafpakos, greece, medieval town

As we settled in for the night we sat on the boat, slightly rocked by the waves, beautiful breeze of the ocean and listening to cheering throughout the town over the World Cup, Futbol game.  We anticipated staying another day but the wind was high so we set sail for our next destination! I am getting more and more duties on the sailboat and learning a lot, it truly is fantastic, especially when the wind is on our side! A few more images from this wonderful experience…

 Nafpakos, greece, cathedral

Nafpaktos, Greece-1660Nafpakos, greece, medieval town

Nafpakos, greece, medieval town, sailboat

Horizons at Nafpakos, Greece!

Nafpakos-Lepanto, Greece-1556

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