Exploring an Archeological Site-Delphi, Greece

After an 8 hour sail we docked in Itea, Greece and I met some great friends of Vince’s “Captain Foot” & Barbie’s “The Admiral”, Carol & Jim, on the sailing vessel Nepenthe who introduced us to Simon, Amy, their daughter & Loryn, sailing vessel Britican. It’s definitely a small world when meeting someone in another country whose hometown is an hour away from home. You will hear about them in the next few post since we will be spending my last 4 days of my trip in Greece with them, and they are all fantastic!

Delphi, Greece-1841

We all boarded the bus and headed to explore Delphi Museum and archeological site. It was incredible to view sculptures and remains of buildings that dated back around 2000 BC. One of my favorite was The Chariott, so lifelike, no matter what angle you stood he was looking at you.

Delphi, Greece-1776

The detail is phenomenal!

Delphi, Greece-1781Delphi, Greece-1737Delphi, Greece-1754

Delphi, Greece-1783Delphi, Greece-1770

Walking through the ancient city of Delphi was remarkable. The treasury building stood intact, unsure if it was restored at all, but it still was incredible!

Delphi, Greece-1825

It was a long hot hike up to the top to view the Amphitheatre and Stadium of Dephi, where they hosted athletic contests but it was worth it!!!

Delphi, Greece-1855

Delphi, Greece-1890

We headed out the next morning for the Corinth Canal, which is absolutely amazing! I will post that tomorrow.

Thank you for visiting!

Cylinda B.