I Always Wanted to Be a Rockstar!

I am sure we have all been there, our hands clenched in a fist with that invisible microphone in front of the mirror, or hairbrush in hand jumping on the bed, dancing around the room, belting out our favorite song. And maybe to go as far as imagining a crowd there to see you, chanting, hollering joyfully eager to hear you sing.  Then jumping into the crowd, crowd surfing while you rock out to all your fans! Anyone relating to this yet?!   Oh the childhood imagination at work. 🙂

Well sadly (and gratefully) I found out early on that I was tone deaf and was NOT gifted with a great voice.  I remember the day perfectly…I found my brothers recorder and I decided to sing into it a song I rocked singing, You Were Meant for Me by Jewel. Well sadly my dreams of becoming singer came to a complete crash when I hit the play button, what I heard and what others would hear were evidently different!! So at 13 years old I decided my singing would be nonexistent or should I dare to continue it would be alone with my imaginary microphone.

On June 8th 2017 we were blessed with this beautiful baby boy, Luca and my rockstar self was reborn!

Luca means Light, and he was about a week or two old when I sang to him for the first time, This Little Light of Mine, and he gave me the biggest smile.   Now, it may have been gas but I humbly decided it was because he loved mommy’s singing voice 🙂 He is almost 7 months old and I sing to him often.  Whether we are swinging around the dance floor (our house), cooking to Italian music, morning ABC’s, or rocking him to sleep, I sing shamelessly!  He looks at me and smiles, its calms his tears, helps him fall asleep, and the really silly made up songs can get a giggle.  So although my dream of being a singer was crushed at 13 years old, today I am the best kind of rockstar there can be and I have the best, biggest fan. ❤

child photography, mom life, motherhood, want to be a rockstar

I will end with this quote “Not all of us can do great things but we can do small things with great love.”
~ Mother Teresa

Have a blessed day!

Cylinda B



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