What Charities Should We Donate To?

It has always been in my heart to give back, but last year I blinked my eyes and it was over, have you had one of those years?!?  It was an amazing/crazy/full and blessed year between Cylinda B Photography and buying/renovating our home and I am beyond grateful.  However, it was the moment I sat down with my accountant that I realized I didn’t give back as much as I would have liked to in 2016.  Its been hovering over my head and weighing heavy on my heart that I need to be more aware this year, of course this is easier said then done, especially now when we have our first child on the way!!! I am sure life is only going to get busier, between our business, and watching, nurturing, and learning how to raise our little miracle!

SO a great idea came to me last night while watching the amazing Shark Tank that I have been binge watching throughout pregnancy 🙂  What if a percentage of my print sale proceeds went to a charity that my clients choose!?  This way when I do Cylinda B Photography’s books at the end of each month I can write checks to the charities clients chose.  It would fit into my day-to-day operations and the year won’t pass me by as it has in the past! Awesome idea, right!?!

So this is where I need you! I plan to choose a mix of local, national and international charities and I am reaching out to y’all to get ideas and input on the best charities. I have a few listed in the poll below, feel free to add to the list!

After receiving input I will then integrate a question and drop down menu of 5-10 charities on my ordering form for clients to choose where they would like the donation to go.  Finally, at the end of the month I will take a percentage of the prints sale proceeds from lifestyle client orders and put that towards the charities they chose!  I am so excited to get started and absolutely appreciate your input!!

Please VOTE and share using the social media links below!

Thank you so much for your help and for visiting us here!

Cylinda B

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2 thoughts on “What Charities Should We Donate To?”

  1. Help send chemo care kits to patients across the US with the Remember Betty Foundation. My goal is to raise $500 this year.


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