A Farmers Museum Wedding | Cooperstown, NY | Alex & Rebecca

One thing for sure is the rain fell from the moment we woke up Saturday morning until the moment we arrived home from celebrating Rebecca & Alex’s love and marriage.  But another thing that is for sure is that a smile never left these two’s face.  It reminded me of my wedding day ❤  It looked as if they didn’t know the rain was falling.  You know it’s the real thing when nothing stands in the way of the sole meaning of a wedding day, marrying your best friend, your soulmate, your life partner.  And boy was it fun to play in the rain with these two!!!

Their day was full of love, laughter, unique touches, and pure happiness.  A smaller, cozy, relaxed, fun wedding day.  I know that was all that Rebecca & Alex wanted and envisioned.

Thank you so much for having us document your first day as husband and wife!!!  We loved being there & celebrating with y’all! So much love and appreciation.

cooperstown-wedding-farmers-museum-cooperstown-wedding-photography-cylinda-b-photography-1 cooperstown-wedding-farmers-museum-cooperstown-wedding-photography-cylinda-b-photography-2 cooperstown-wedding-farmers-museum-cooperstown-wedding-photography-cylinda-b-photography-4

Loved these fall theme invites, and these flowers were STUNNING!cooperstown-wedding-farmers-museum-cooperstown-wedding-photography-cylinda-b-photography-7 Lock and Key…They put the wedding bands on the lock and the key was on Alex’s boutonniere to unlock them during the ceremony! ❤cooperstown-wedding-farmers-museum-cooperstown-wedding-photography-cylinda-b-photography-3 cooperstown-wedding-farmers-museum-cooperstown-wedding-photography-cylinda-b-photography-6 cooperstown-wedding-farmers-museum-cooperstown-wedding-photography-cylinda-b-photography-5

❤ ❤ ❤ cooperstown-wedding-farmers-museum-cooperstown-wedding-photography-cylinda-b-photography-8cooperstown-wedding-farmers-museum-cooperstown-wedding-photography-cylinda-b-photography-28 cooperstown-wedding-farmers-museum-cooperstown-wedding-photography-cylinda-b-photography-11 cooperstown-wedding-farmers-museum-cooperstown-wedding-photography-cylinda-b-photography-12 cooperstown-wedding-farmers-museum-cooperstown-wedding-photography-cylinda-b-photography-9 cooperstown-wedding-farmers-museum-cooperstown-wedding-photography-cylinda-b-photography-10 cooperstown-wedding-farmers-museum-cooperstown-wedding-photography-cylinda-b-photography-24 cooperstown-wedding-farmers-museum-cooperstown-wedding-photography-cylinda-b-photography-13 cooperstown-wedding-farmers-museum-cooperstown-wedding-photography-cylinda-b-photography-15 cooperstown-wedding-farmers-museum-cooperstown-wedding-photography-cylinda-b-photography-14 cooperstown-wedding-farmers-museum-cooperstown-wedding-photography-cylinda-b-photography-23 cooperstown-wedding-farmers-museum-cooperstown-wedding-photography-cylinda-b-photography-21

We had to make time for the carousal!! ❤ Smile crosses my face seeing these moments and thinking back to this day a few weeks ago and how fun these two are.cooperstown-wedding-farmers-museum-cooperstown-wedding-photography-cylinda-b-photography-20 cooperstown-wedding-farmers-museum-cooperstown-wedding-photography-cylinda-b-photography-16 cooperstown-wedding-farmers-museum-cooperstown-wedding-photography-cylinda-b-photography-22 cooperstown-wedding-farmers-museum-cooperstown-wedding-photography-cylinda-b-photography-27

When you ask a couple from far away for the groom to spin his bride and they start spinning in circles!! OMG ❤ We let them do it for a bit as it looked so fun! ❤ cooperstown-wedding-farmers-museum-cooperstown-wedding-photography-cylinda-b-photography-26 cooperstown-wedding-farmers-museum-cooperstown-wedding-photography-cylinda-b-photography-18 cooperstown-wedding-farmers-museum-cooperstown-wedding-photography-cylinda-b-photography-17

After a ton of fun in the rain we headed to Templeton Hall for amazing family style served food, (that mac n cheese tho ) :), dances and a fun filled evening!

cooperstown-wedding-farmers-museum-cooperstown-wedding-photography-cylinda-b-photography-templeton hall 29 2016-11-04_0031 cooperstown-wedding-farmers-museum-cooperstown-wedding-photography-cylinda-b-photography-templeton hall 33 cooperstown-wedding-farmers-museum-cooperstown-wedding-photography-cylinda-b-photography-templeton hall 31
Something so magical and romantic about rain!! ❤ cooperstown-wedding-farmers-museum-cooperstown-wedding-photography-cylinda-b-photography-templeton hall 30

Thank you for visiting and thank you to everyone who helped make their day so special!!

  • CEREMONY- Farmers Museum, Cooperstown NY
  • RECEPTION- Templeton Hall
  • DJ- Mark Lavalley LaValley Group LLC 
  • Florists- A Rose is a Rose  – cannot get over how gorgeous the flowers were!
  • Bakery/Cake-Lucy Townsend-  Actually got some desert for the first time this year and it was DELICIOUS!
  • Wicked Whoopies- Maine 
  • Caterer Name- Lucy Townsend LM Townsend Catering  YUM!!!!
  • Invitations/Paper Suite
    Etsy Design/Vistaprint/Handmade
  • Bridal Gown Designer and purchase location- Spybaby Bridal, Essence of Australia
  • Bridesmaids Designer & Purchase Location- Spybaby Bridal, Levkoff
  • Groom + Groomsmen Attire Designer + Purchase Location
    Brooks Brothers/Some attire the Groomsmen owned- beautiful fitted suits!!

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