A Family Day at Gillie Lake | Family Photography, Syracuse NY

What an amazing afternoon hanging out with this family at Gillie Lake in Syracuse NY!  They were so much fun and the love these parents have for each other and their babies just shined and was absolutely beautiful to witness and document.

2015-07-05_0010 2015-07-05_0009 2015-07-05_0018

Love everything about this image!Beautiful girl! 2015-07-05_0004

Handsome little guy!2015-07-05_0003 2015-07-05_0016 2015-07-05_0013

I always love grabbing a few photographs of the parents, after all they loved each other first and this image speaks love and happiness…2015-07-05_0014 2015-07-05_0015 2015-07-05_0011 Sibling love ❤2015-07-05_0008 2015-07-05_0007 2015-07-05_0006 2015-07-05_0005 2015-07-05_0002 2015-07-05_0001

Thank you so much for visiting! Feel free to leave some love for this family by commenting below.

Cylinda B

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