Backyard Family Portraits

I had a great time photographing this family, especially the kids. Loved learning their personalities and documenting them.  They made us work for smiles, but my favorites are them being themselves!! The best family portraits, in my opinion, isn’t everyone looking at the camera but the moments captured where everyone is interacting and being themselves, whether crying, laughing, playing or loving each other 🙂

IMG_4745-Edit-EditIMG_4587IMG_4569IMG_4547IMG_4550IMG_4679Love this image… Grandma with her grand babies. IMG_4704

Playing Mary Had a Little….LION the kids loved this!! LOVE the genuine smiles & laughterIMG_4714IMG_4504_Fotor_Collage1IMG_4669IMG_4653IMG_4593IMG_4504_Fotor_CollageIMG_4777

IMG_4755Thank you for having me! And as always thank you all for visiting!

Cylinda B


4 thoughts on “Backyard Family Portraits”

  1. You really caught the moments with these kids. They are absolutely adorable. The family should be very happy with their session and you!!!!!


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