Backyard Phoenix Wedding

Backyard BBQ Pheonix Wedding : Alex + Alexis

What a beautiful day photographing the marriage of Alex & Alexis.  It started off with cloudy skies and a patch of rain, for good luck 🙂 and then the sky opened up for a warm, sunny, backyard bbq reception.  Filled with laughter, family, and kids running around, it was wonderful to experience and truly was what Alex and Alexis envisioned for their wedding day. So much love went into this wedding.  Their grandmother hand made all the flowers, boutonnieres, decorations, centerpieces and the fantastic cake! Alex’s brother provided the music, and his parents their home, cousins with serving food & beverages etc.  It was beautiful to see how the entire family came together to give them a special day. IMG_1275_Fotor_Collage IMG_9984

IMG_1429IMG_1478-Editrustic weddingIMG_1518IMG_0090-3 wedding photography IMG_1675-3_Fotor_Collage cake IMG_1336-2IMG_1777-2IMG_1742-2

IMG_1820 IMG_1918 IMG_1987IMG_0320IMG_2024


 I wish yal every happiness on your new journey in life begins as husband and wife!

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