Syracuse Nationals 2014

What a wonderful year at the Syracuse Nationals! It was their 15th year and there had to be 8,000+ cars this year! My husband and I for the first time camped there all weekend, and it certainly won’t be the last! We just loved waking up to the roaring engines, whining blowers, loappy cams, and squealing tires right outside our camper! Grabbing a cup of coffee, sitting in my chair watching the cars roll in outside my window at 6:00am was absolute bliss.  Not only is this every car lovers dream this event helps raise money for charities, raising just over $104,000.00 last year!

I had so much fun photographing these beautiful pieces of art & history: the curves, details, engines, creativity and personality put into these vehicles is amazing!

I have to start with my husbands first project car! Then followed by my truck! Well the one that I would love to have one day…


syracuse a nationals, car show, Chevrolet 3100


Love the detailscar show, syracuse nationals

Beautiful artwork, Never Forget! Bless America!car show, syracuse nationals, american pride, america

 Our Friends submission for model cars! AWESOME!

model cars, syracuse nationals, corvette, chevy truck, chevrolet

car show, syracuse nationals, rat rod car show, syracuse nationals, bull dog

car show, syracuse nationals car show, syracuse nationals car show, syracuse nationals car show, syracuse nationals, firetruckMy dream truck, again…

car show, syracuse nationals, chevrolet 3100 car show, syracuse nationals

car show, syracuse nationals

And just a few other favorites and promised pics for people I met along the way..Enjoy! IMG_1018 IMG_1222 IMG_0971 IMG_1180 IMG_0943 IMG_1054 IMG_9907 IMG_9897-Edit IMG_1192 IMG_1231

 I just love everything about this event.  The 50’s music playing in the background as you walk through 1000’s of different vehicles, the excitement and wonder of where this car has been and the streets it drove through 30-80+ years ago, meeting the wonder people who own and have the same passion for vehicles, it all just adds to viewing this beautiful pieces of machinery.

I hope you enjoyed! Were you there? Share your experience or come to this event in 2015!

Thanks for visiting!

Cylinda B

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