Celebrating 10 Years! | Syracuse, NY Photography

I was over the moon when Melissa wanted to have photos done with her husband! I feel that the older we get and/or when children enter in our lives the adults step away from documenting themselves and focus primarily on their children or nothing at all.  What an amazing thing to celebrate; Love, commitment, marriage, happiness and how wonderful is it be to show their babies, grand babies and their grand babies share with their babies! Moral of the story, even if you don’t want to get your photos done for whatever reason, just think about doing it for future generations to enjoy! ❤

Well these two were just amazing! So many laughs and so much love and happiness I smiled through every image I took. Thanks for inviting me in to document this awesome milestone in your relationship!

2015-07-09_00282015-07-09_0024 2015-07-09_0023 2015-07-09_0033 2015-07-09_0029 2015-07-09_0031 2015-07-09_0030 2015-07-09_0038 2015-07-09_00372015-07-09_0032 2015-07-09_0027 2015-07-09_0035

Had to laugh at this shot! It was the end of a yawn, they were really sweet! 🙂
2015-07-09_0025 2015-07-09_0026

Do you know this family? Feel free to share love to them or about this post in the reply box below!

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