Auburn Country Club Wedding

There is nothing like witnessing the love of two people on their wedding day and it sure was apparent in Adam and Carrie last weekend.  They share a love for golf so it only made sense to say their vows to each other surrounded by all their family and friends on the green at Lakeview Country Club.  The love, laughter, and fun these too have with each other and their family and friends was a amazing to see and document, I am so happy they chose me to capture these memories for them.IMG_5705-Edit-Edit IMG_5886 IMG_5989 IMG_6057IMG_5679-Edit-2 IMG_6099IMG_6144IMG_6104IMG_6054-EditIMG_6176IMG_6129-EditIMG_6133-EditIMG_6185IMG_6485IMG_6478IMG_6315IMG_6367IMG_6346IMG_6707IMG_6490IMG_6762IMG_6824IMG_6716IMG_6739IMG_6884-Edit

Thank you so much for having me, I wish you both a lifetime of happiness!

Feel free to leave some love for the couple below! While you are here sign up for future post!

Thank you.

Cylinda B

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