Love at First Sight

I love hearing how couples meet and there is something so special about Chase and Tara’s story…They lived in the same building/quad in college but it wasn’t until 10 years later that they officially met.  It’s amazing how two people can be put in each others lives and not even know that all those years passing each other in the halls that they were glancing at their soulmate.  Then 10 years later they are put in each others lives again when Chase went into where Tara worked and they immediately hit it off and now they are becoming husband and wife this year!

Although it was -10 degrees during their engagement session it was filled with laughter, goofiness, a frostbite scare and a LOT of cuteness!

IMG_6598-Edit IMG_6604 IMG_6605 IMG_6611-Edit IMG_6627 IMG_6647 IMG_6655-Edit IMG_6663-Edit IMG_6670-Edit IMG_6672-Edit IMG_6686 IMG_6713 IMG_6733-Edit IMG_6728-Edit

We promised Chase a drink if he braved the cold for a little bit and we had to get some shots at Al’s Wine and Whiskey Lounge!IMG_6749-Edit IMG_6758-Edit-Edit IMG_6770We loved this sign, but we couldn’t figure out the honest face face! But lots of laughs trying to come up with one! 🙂IMG_6846-Edit IMG_6868-Edit

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Gillie Lake Engagement | Modern Day Meet-Cute

A meet-cute is the moment in a movie where a couple meets for the first time in a unique, unlikely way.  We are hearing more and more every day about people meeting online and that there are times these couples find their best friend, soulmate, and partner and become husband + wife! I was so excited to hear James’s + Trisha’s story about meeting online and that they found each other in the midst of their busy lives.  They are such a sweet, beautiful couple and we had so much fun trying to stay warm on this below zero winter day in Syracuse!

IMG_5806 IMG_5402 IMG_5416-Edit IMG_5813-Edit IMG_5819IMG_5850-Edit IMG_5853-Edit IMG_5845 IMG_5396 IMG_5871-EditIMG_5916 IMG_5430-EditWhile you are here become a fan of my Facebook page or follow my blog for future stories and work!

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A Walk Downtown-Engagement Session

It was a crisp winter day in Syracuse photographing Rob + Liane’s engagement session.  When I asked them what their favorite things to do together, I just loved their response! They said “everything! Literally everything is better when your with your best friend” and that showed today! Although freezing outside, fingers numbing, faces freezing, it couldn’t take away from the moments they had together; laughter, love, and silliness between these two was infectious!  I cannot wait to tell the story of their wedding day!

1 large_3 small collage IMG_5262 IMG_5268 Untitled IMG_5288 IMG_5310 Untitled1 IMG_5305 IMG_5350 IMG_5344 IMG_5338 IMG_5328 IMG_5340 IMG_5392-Edit IMG_5429 IMG_5438 IMG_5446 IMG_5470 IMG_5478 IMG_5488 IMG_5480 IMG_5378-EditIMG_5280

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Marrying Your Best Friend

One of my favorite parts of meeting my clients is hearing their love story.  I love that every story is unique.  I met Melanie and Keith this past week to photograph their engagement session for their June 2015 wedding and I adore their story.  You may have heard and/or even said it yourself that you cannot wait to marry your best friend, I know I certainly married mine!  What I love about their story is they have been best friends for almost 20 years!  They had a childhood date on Valentines day in 1995, became best friends and 12 years later began dating as adults and this year they will become husband and wife!  They are such a beautiful couple inside and out and were so much fun, I cannot wait witness and to tell their story of the day they become Husband + Wife!!IMG_5084

Untitled1 IMG_5098 IMG_5110 IMG_5118

IMG_5120 IMG_5046 Untitled

Dancing in the park 🙂IMG_4970 IMG_4963-Edit IMG_5228 IMG_5219IMG_5207IMG_5175 IMG_5174 IMG_5017 IMG_5015

What a riot getting this shot! IMG_5198

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Park + Castle Engagement Session Bryan + Ashley

What a beautiful engagement session with two beautiful people in Buffalo, NY.  If you read my previous post Bryan, like Sarah, and I went to school together also! It is the most amazing feeling when friends from years ago ask me to document precious moments for them.  I love seeing them, learning where the last 10+ years brought them, and getting to know them all over again, since we were kids the last time I have seen them! 🙂 It was fantastic meeting Bryan’s fiancé Ashley, she is so sweet and I couldn’t be happier for him!

The love these two have for each other is infectious and they were so much fun! Thank you so much for bringing me in to document your engagement!

IMG_0335engagement session, photography, engagement, cylinda b photographyengagement session, photography, engagement, cylinda b photographyUntitled

We had so many visitors in the dog park, so much fun! This German Shepard couldn’t get enough of Bryan and Ashley, came back numerous times! 🙂


IMG_0060IMG_0413IMG_0408Untitled1IMG_0466IMG_0451IMG_0484I wish yal every happiness in your future!!

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